Glenn Rowlands

It has been 14 years since the release of the hard Christian Rock album "Time Will Tell", and 13 years since the stripped down acoustic Rock album "I Think I Can". I felt I should I should let the Christian community know That I am still alive and well. After my mother passed away of a drug overdose in 1995, I turned my back on Christ. For thirteen years I lived in excess, drug addiction, and drank like a fish. Have been divorced twice, and spent some time in mental institutions, and homeless shelters. I give to you "Red Road" an album that I started writing wile homeless, granted the content is not exactly what we would call totally Spiritually uplifting, but these are songs written and recorded wile God was really tugging on my heart. through it all God has been faithful and full of mercy. I am currently writing a new album, that I believe would make my Heavenly Father proud! The "Red Road" is the beginning, this album is John the baptist in a sense, the voice in the wilderness if you will. God bless you all!

your friend Glenn




2008-10-03 00:36:04